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The MED-PCS Project in the INTE-TRANSIT International Conference

The 1st International Conference of the INTE-TRANSIT Project was hosted by the Valencia Port Foundation in Valencia on the 20th-21th November 2014. The conference theme was “Information & Communications Technologies (ICTs) as enablers for improved operations in modern ports”. During the 5th Technical Session, Tarragona Port Authority had the opportunity to present the MED-PCS Project and explain the progress made during the development of the project.

Tarragona Port Authority attended the 1st IPCSA Research Committee

On the 13th November 2014, the International Port Community System Association (IPCSA) organized its first Research Committee Meeting hosted by SOGET, founding member of IPCSA, in Le Havre (France). The meeting was focused on presenting and discussing about the future challenges for Port Community Systems and their operators. It was attended by 40 people from 14 different nationalities and integrated by IPCSA members, universities and other academic institutions.
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